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Kristin Broadley

Chief Innovation Officer

Kristin Broadley serves as Chief Innovation Officer at QC Ally. She is responsible for driving transformative initiatives by identifying strategies, business opportunities and new technologies to enhance competitiveness.


Kristin previously spent twenty years with the Rocket Family of Companies serving in various roles. Most recently, Kristin served as the Vice President of Enterprise Risk for Rocket Central. Prior to that she was Vice President of Client Experience Operations but spent the bulk of her career within Risk Management, with a good portion as the Vice President of Risk Solutions. During that time Kristin led initiatives and teams in Credit Risk, Origination Quality Monitoring/QC/QA, Risk Mitigation, Fraud Prevention & Detection, Anti-Money Laundering and Servicing Risk. Kristin had the opportunity to lead many data driven transformation initiatives that transformed processes, certainty and efficiency — one of which resulted in a patent.

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